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About me Huh...? Well I am terrible at talking about myself. So, how about a little game of 25 things. Sounds easy enough right?

1. My name is Nicole, not Nicki, or Nick. My mom says so.
2. I love my mother.
3. I have 3 gorgeous babies. They make my world go around.
4. I have great hair. Seriously it's awesome.
5. I am in love with the Walking Dead. Can't help it.
6. I ran TWO Spartan races and lived to tell about it, barely.
7. Music can change my entire day.
8. My favorite ice cream is coffee.
9. I got my first Minolta for Christmas 1994.
10. I love brownies and can eat a whole tray in one sitting. Of course I won't
11. I am a Pisces.
12. I can't sleep without the TV on.
13. I love to cook, but my kids won't eat what I make.
14. I have 1 tattoo, and have been thinking about a second one for 10 years.
15. I have really awesome friends.
16. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
17. I have a sister whom I love endlessly.
18. I read A LOT.
19. I hate mushrooms. They smell terrible when cooking, and taste worse.
20. I get grumpy when I'm cold and wet.
21. I make cupcakes, and they are amazing.
22. I gave birth to one redhead and two brunettes.?
23. I have freakishly small feet.
24. I eat fruit all of the time.
25. This list makes me feel very boring.