When I was 12, I decided I would be a photographer.  My parents fully supported this idea and that Christmas they bought me my first camera.  An old film Minolta.  I loved it-but I was a kid who couldn't afford film, or to have it developed!   So, my camera became a special occasion play toy.  As I grew up, I still loved taking photos, but never thought it would be my career.  

I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, and then many years later I became a mom.  The best job I could have ever asked for.  When my oldest was born, I would get frustrated with portrait studios, charging too much for  generic photos.  I decided when my second son was born, that I could do better. That I WOULD do better.  I got myself a camera and went to work.  I knew the second it was in my hands again,  this was it. This is what I would do with myself.

It wasn't all pretty, and I will always be  a work in progress.

I love-love and shooting weddings seemed like the natural fit for me.  It is my heart.  And then I shot a newborn session....and can I just say I was smitten.  Both things are wonderful and challenging at the same time!  

Seeing two people promise to love each other forever in front of their nearest and dearest- and then getting to share the first special moments of their babies life is one of the greatest gifts I have been given.

When they keep coming back, and I get to see their families grow and change...it's a blessing, and I feel so fortunate.

So, I am many things....a wife, mama, friend, daughter, chef, personal chauffeur, housekeeper, laundry folder, keeper of all things important, appointment rememberer, personal wrestling cheerleader....and a photographer.

Please let me capture your one in a lifetime moments.